Mortgage Choice

Interactive and effective communication pathways

Mortgage Choice engaged us to design and produce an interactive video playbook that would serve as a comprehensive educational resource for their brokers.

Engaged us for:

Video, Interactivity, Animation, Graphic Design

The Playbook needed to serve as an index of resources to help brokers and franchise owners to operate and grow their business; offer best-in-class tools and tips aligned to their five pillars of broker success; showcase stories of successful franchise owners; and streamline processes across individual franchises. With such a berth of information, we knew we needed to find a concise, effective and simple way to communicate across the Mortgage Choice network.

Mortgage Choice has helped Australians finance their homes, investment properties, cars and businesses for over 30 years. Their team of trusted experts deliver a range of choices to their clients, enabling Australians to access finance that achieves their goals.


An intuitive development and production process

We began with a detailed workshop with Mortgage Choice that enabled us to develop the program structure in the most user-friendly manner possible. We then moved into a scripting and storyboarding phase, developing a working prototype of the Playbook within PowerPoint that allowed for in-depth client feedback.

Once we’d built the wire frame, defined the user journey and solidified learner outcomes, we went full swing into production – casting talent to bring the playbook to life! We then filmed, edited and animated all elements, leveraging cloud-based interactive video software to create all interactions within the piece. After completing the Playbook, we followed up with in-depth reporting that included watch rates, click through rates and other relevant data points.

Efficiency, savings and consistency

We poured over six months of development into the unique system that enabled a full interactive video, allowing users to click through to particular areas within the Playbook to find the relevant information they were in need of. This has led to significant savings in training costs, created efficiency and consistency within the process of accessing resources and information, and has paved the way as a first-of-its-kind benchmark within the finance industry.

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