Enabling space and ideas to collide

When Colab came to us, they’d already had their fair share of false starts in defining their brand’s impact and intent. Having already worked with another designer who didn’t quite capture their brand essence, Colab needed a team who were proactive, creative and curious enough to bring their visual identity to life.

We leapt at the opportunity to redefine this evolving and exciting brand. Through digging into what Colab truly stood for and how they needed to introduce themselves within a crowded and competitive market, we were able to unearth a brand identity that stood apart.

Engaged us for:

Logo Design, Website Design, Website Development, Photography, Marketing

About Colab

Colab is an innovative co-sharing office space in the western suburbs of Sydney. As hybrid working continues to gain momentum, they’re rapidly expanding across NSW. Colab offers effortless office space that provides a seamless experience for their clients. Their flagship co-sharing space is designed to enable businesses to grow in a professional and supportive environment.

Our unique approach

Although our main task was to create a logo identity that was modern, innovative and minimal, our work encompassed a wider remit of building Colab’s brand narrative across multiple touchpoints. By drawing on our diverse capabilities, including brand development and photography, we were able to craft a visual brand identity that propelled Colab to the top of a competitive field.

Our work included the design of a modern, timeless logo that embodied simplicity while making a bold statement; the development of a brand device that can be used to build consistency across all marketing materials; the creation of a website with seamless eCommerce integration (delivering on Colab’s values of a high-quality customer experience); and a range of marketing collateral, including flyers, signage, social media templates and website/marketing banners.

Seamless, integrated outcomes

Our work with Colab resulted in a seamless experience that was in direct contrast to their previous painful designer engagement. By creating an environment where our iterations and ideas truly hit the mark, we were able to deliver excellent results grounded in an intimate understanding of Colab’s objectives. We designed a logo that showcased space as a flexible device (capturing the Colab experience). The idea of the open rectangle enabled us to create a seamless integration with ‘co’, which then led to symbiosis with a wide variety of taglines.

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