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You’ve probably heard people talk about why video marketing is important. But have you ever wondered about the deeper reasons?

Society as a whole is an extremely visual entity. We’re drawn to images and colours and enjoy picturing the things we hear and learn about.

Whereas written words can sometimes go in one ear and out the other, visual cues cement themselves in our subconscious with much greater ease.

Even things such as icons, symbols, figures and graphs can help improve a viewer’s comprehension of a topic.

As well as their retention of the information and their ability to recall it later.

How Our Brains Operate

When you consider that our brains are essentially large image processors, with a majority of our sensory cortex focusing on vision, it’s no wonder that images help us to learn more successfully than written information. The part of our brains which we use to process words is actually rather small in comparison to the part used for visual comprehension. Images are clear cut in our memories and unchanging, whereas words are abstract and fluid with their meanings, making them harder to retain.

Why Is This Good for Marketing?

Much like everything else in today’s age, with society’s shift into the online world, the internet has opened up powerful promotional doorways to reach large audience demographics. The video sharing culture makes up a large portion of internet use, with a third of all online activity spent watching videos. This presents an advantageous opportunity for companies to target once unreachable audiences and utilise the powerful stimulant of visual messages.

Using Imagery and the Internet to Your Advantage

More than half of companies already use videos to generate a specific brand image around themselves, with the aim to plant that information into the public’s subconscious.

Studies have shown that people retain 80% of the information they see and do, which means that a visual promotion would have a greater success in remaining with a person than say a billboard, radio ad or brochure.

Video sharing platforms such as YouTube receive one billion unique visitors every month, allowing for a larger saturation of potential target audiences with less associated costs.

Whilst visual aids will only take you so far, combining them with effective oral information and creative content is the most viable formula for a successful promotional video. As there are so many videos already flooding the internet, engagement is the key.

This can be more easily achieved by using images to support the spoken information and reinforce its retention with an audience.

If this is done, along with unique and attention grabbing content, a video’s potential is boundless.

We’re Part of the Future — Are You?

That was a shorter, but deeper, piece on why video marketing is important. Need a hand with your video marketing? Email us on info@ivorymedia.com.au and speak to one of our experts.