You’ve probably seen several viral videos while browsing your social media feeds. But what makes a video go viral? What’s the secret ingredient? Read on to find out!

What Makes a Viral Video Go Viral?

The often inexplicable internet phenomenon of viral videos is a difficult subject to understand.

Seemingly unimportant and random acts inspire enthusiasm and delight from viewers. So much so that they feel the need to share them with people all across the world.

The internet is a powerful medium. That’s especially true when the full extent of its sharing prowess is harnessed. Viral videos are a perfect example of this global spider web of connectivity.

The real question everybody’s asking is, of course, how does it work?

1. Emotions Influence Us More Than We Know

Humans are typically an emotional species on the best of days. According to one study, videos which manage to elicit multiple emotions from us in a brief period of time have a greater chance for us to show others.

People have an inbuilt desire to share their emotions.

It’s because of this natural impulse that videos which stimulate such reactions have greater success. And that makes them bounce from one person to the next and form a snowball effect.

Social psychology has shown that people govern connections and solidarity with others by sharing similar emotional responses.

If a video makes you angry, or happy or sad, it’s natural to want to experience this feeling with somebody else. That enables us to bond over the mutual reaction it elicits.

2. Timing Is Everything

Ever seen a well-timed news article on current affairs? That’s how a timely video can make your viewership ascend in leaps and bounds. Sometimes, that can happen in just a matter of days.

Tapping into a trending meme or popular theme is an excellent way for your video to be found. It also increases the chances of it being shared by people already searching for a topical event.

3. Be Engaging

Videos that draw the viewers into their content have a much greater chance of achieving viral status. People love to be involved and a video which lets them be heard will make them more likely to want to share your content.

A video that responds to users comments, for example, is a fantastic way to encourage more interaction with your company. As a result, you’ll also achieve a greater viewer base.

4. People Want to Be Inspired

Videos which are uplifting and inspirational have a strong emotional response with most people and if the story behind it is one people can relate to, then that’s even better for a viral video in the making.

How Viral Videos Can Be Used at a Corporate Level

Making a video go viral is one of the best ways for a company to draw attention to their brand and foster positive associations amongst their target audience.

If an organisation can find a formula for their content that encourages mass sharing, then they will have found an inexpensive solution to achieve maximum audience saturation and favourable brand awareness.

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