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Everybody is a writer, so why do you need tips for writing a great video script? Sure, while we all have the capacity to write, reality is not everyone is capable of becoming the next Stephen King.

The thing about scriptwriting is that it’s definitely no easy feat unless you keep a few things in mind. The good news is that most people are capable of drafting an engaging script that is destined to become a great video.

Follow these three tips for writing a great video script, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next Quentin Tarantino or Nora Ephron.

(Or maybe not, but we can all dream right?)

1. Know Your Audience

As is the case with any type of writing, you need to know who you’re writing for in order to communicate effectively.

References can easily fly over people’s heads if you aren’t talking to the right audience.

For instance, if you’re writing a video primarily aimed at Gen Y, you probably wouldn’t include a joke made popular in an old TV show such as The Beverly Hillbillies.

You’ll lose your audience’s attention instantly.

2. Consider Your Budget

Sure, it’d be great to write scenes destined for the next Bond flick but writers need to be realistic with what can be achieved.

If you know you’ve got a relatively small budget, write a script that’s engaging but achievable.

Simple visuals can be incredibly effective when accompanied with the right voiceovers and dialogue.

3. Tell a Story

Of course, there is always a motivation as to why you’re making a video and writing a script. Maybe it’s to sell a product or generate awareness about a cause.

Either way, quality storytelling is essential in capturing your audience to begin with and retaining people’s attention throughout.

Use a great hook at the beginning and think about the kind of videos you enjoy.

Ask Us About Video Scripts

Those were three quick tips for writing a great video script. While we’ve got loads of other tips up our sleeve, the three you’ve just read about are great pointers to keep in mind when scriptwriting.

If you need more guidance when putting together that perfect video for your business, email us on info@ivorymedia.com.au and speak to one of our experts.