Evolution Real Estate

Evolution Real Estate was founded as a response to how other agencies are operated and the inadequate customer experiences that follow, with a commitment to ethical practices and fostering positive and transparent relationships.

With a specific focus on using digital technology to improve client experience, Evolution Real Estate make buying, renting, and selling as seamless as possible on all ends.

Ivory Media was selected to design and develop a forward thinking, modern and professional brand that appealed to modern audience who were looking for an alternative to the traditional real estate solution.

Our objective was to design a logo that’s easily identifiable, bold and unique. Using the combination of a house icon and the letter “e” we developed a beautiful logo mark that was simple and modern. The website utilised a very untraditional and modern style that differentiates from every single competitor.

ClientEvolution Real EstateServicesBranding, Website and Design Year2020Linkhttp://www.evolutionre.com.au

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