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Ever been stuck in a meeting where a colleague is rambling on and on and all you can think is: “let me outta here!”

Realistically, we know we can’t just get up and leave: we simply need to wait for that rambling to end. That’s where real-life and video differs.

Think about how you consume online videos.

Chances are, it’s when you’ve got some spare time on your hands, you’re sitting in front of your computer and if something doesn’t hold your attention after seconds, you’re done… and all at the click of a button.

Now it’s time to talk about why less is usually more in video marketing.

How Long Should a Video Ideally Be?

It’s one of those questions the team here at Free Lane Media is asked on a regular basis and for good reason too: length is an incredibly important factor when creating video content.

The issue is complicated further because there’s no definite answer to the question.

Ultimately, a video’s length will vary depending on the content involved and the purpose of the video.

That said, we’ve identified three general pointers that will see you making a quality video that nails its purpose.

1. Less Is Usually More in Video Marketing

A heap of studies have been conducted about viewer retention and most indicate people lose interest after the 90 second to two minute mark.

Let’s face facts: most of us aren’t making the next Avatar and while we may be incredibly interested in the subject matter, we need to ensure videos are short, sharp and punchy so that they capture the audience’s attention quickly.

Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t exceptions to this rule.

2. Keep It Real

Remember how we noted that you’re probably not making the next Avatar?

We’ve all seen fantastic movies such as the Matrix but being realistic with what can be created with the budget on-hand is incredibly important.

With the use of clever visuals, a tight, well-crafted script and an engaging voiceover, you’re well on your way to making an effective video.

3. Know the Basics

Who’s your audience? What’s the one thing you want people to do after watching the video?

They’re all simple questions but they’re essential in driving any online video in the right direction.

So, how long should a video be? As inconclusive as this answer may be, we’ll say: it depends.

We Do More With Less

Hopefully, you now have a clearer picture of why less is usually more in video marketing. Need a hand with your video marketing? Email us on info@ivorymedia.com.au and speak to one of our experts.