Make no mistake: interviewing is an art and the best interviewers spend years honing their skills.

Of course, it’s always helpful to have a few pointers if you’re a newbie to interviewing.

The team here at Ivory Media have put our heads together and come up with what we think are three important things to keep in mind when interviewing someone.

1. Listen

Before we go onto explain this one, you need to do your homework about people before interviewing them.

Doing so helps you to frame your questions and avoids you looking like a goose!

Once you’ve got your questions down on paper, know that they should change as you chat with your guest.

Be sure not to ask the same questions again and never talk over someone. Once the conversation is rolling, allow your guest to do the talking and only interrupt when appropriate.

2. Be Aware of Background Noises

This has gotten the better of the best of us at times.

You would’ve recorded an interview and been so intent on getting the content you need and asking questions, you didn’t realise that annoying background hum or the dog barking in the park that can be heard clearly.

Sometimes, background noises can’t be avoided but try as best as you can to set yourself up in a relatively quiet space. It’ll help to keep your audience interested throughout the interview.

3. Make Your Guest Feel Comfortable

It’s only natural for people to be a tad nervous prior to an interview.

Make your guests feel comfortable by asking a couple of easy questions first up to loosen them up.

Sharing your questions prior to hitting record is also a great tip if it’s possible to do so.

The great news is that the more interviews you conduct, the better you’ll get and the more comfortable you’ll be.

Remember, even the best of interviewers started somewhere and will probably cringe at their early work. Keep at it and be receptive to feedback

Ask Us About Interviewing

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