Need a strong video to support a pitch to a client? Want to promote yourself for a prospective employment opportunity? Or maybe appeal to a particular target audience? Then you should read on because we’re about to teach you how to make a good promotional video.

5 Things to Consider When Making a Promotional Video

We’ve pulled together a few things you need to know to make sure your content is the best it can be. Make sure you tick each of these boxes when you make your video.

1. Create a Strong Theme

Abstract or slow moving videos only succeed in confusing and boring your audience. Fine tune your concept and make it the cornerstone for your video.

This recurring and engaging element will help viewers retain the most important facts of the video, whilst remaining entertaining.

If you’re unsure of a theme to use, do your research and find other promotional videos that you think work well and draw inspiration from them.



2. Always Have a Call to Action

A promotional video is designed with the sole intention of attracting customers and obtaining popularity for a particular product or service.

To be successful in doing this however, you need to tell your audience what to do.

Whether it be liking a Facebook page, visiting your website or ordering your product, giving them that instruction will encourage viewers to act.

3. Keep It Short and Sweet

The most successful corporate videos are succinct and to the point, stating the facts without any unnecessary clutter.

You don’t want to bore your audience with a long, drawn out clip, you want to engage them and keep them interested.

A high quality two – five minute video is a much more appropriate length to inform, without boring.

4. Nail the Video Script

There’s nothing more unengaging than a video with a floating head speaking at you in a dead, monotone voice.

Work carefully on your script and make more than one draft to ensure it’s refined. When being read, ensure the speaker is natural and conversational, as if the viewers are old friends.

Not only will a good script make the content more interesting and credible, it will also come across more relaxed and believable.



5. Choose a Charismatic Spokesperson

If you’re making a promotional video for your company, choosing someone from within your own ranks to serve as a spokesperson is a great way to build confidence behind a brand.

Casting somebody who knows the organisation’s product or services better than anyone can infuse a video with passion and commitment, whilst adding credibility to the message being delivered.

Make sure you consider your choice carefully however. Using a CEO as a spokesperson may add a degree of authenticity to your clip, but if they’re not good on camera then they’ll only take away from the content’s overall effectiveness.

You want to select somebody who is charismatic and well spoken, confident and likeable, as these are all qualities which a company wishes to have associated with their brand.


Ask Us About Promotional Videos

Those were a few tips on how to make a good promotional video. Need a hand with your video marketing? Email us on and speak to one of our experts.

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