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We’ve come a long way in just eight years. With our range of services and our customer base continuing to expand, we felt it was time to remodel our branding to reflect what Ivory Media stands for today – a fun, agile, hive of creativity dedicated to making magic happen for our clients.

It’s not just about the logo though! We’ve taken our stunning new look and feel and translated them into a beautiful, functional website that really tells our story in depth. You’ll find our latest showreel screening HERE. We’ll also be posting heaps more stuff more often on our socials.

Introducing Our New Identity

After months of meticulous work behind the scenes, we’re excited to unveil Ivory Media’s fresh new brand identity. This isn’t just a simple logo swap – it’s a comprehensive transformation that reflects the evolution of our company.

The main icon, the monogram, is a play on words that can be read as “I’M” – as in “I’M making magic,” “I’M excited,” or “I’M a captivating storyteller.” And when you see it in one of our proposals, it might just say, “I’M excited to grow my business.”

Paired with a vibrant colour palette of midnight green, dark green, fuchsia, violet, bone and ivory, the new Ivory Media brand identity exudes a sense of trust, reliability, and forward-thinking spirit. It also allows us to play more with the colour palette, giving us more flexibility to showcase our amazing work.

New, improved web experience

You’ll find our new website carries a clear and direct message about what we do, who we do it for, what you can expect and most importantly, the quality of our work.

We wanted a better overall experience for our existing and potential clients to really get to know us. Our production showcase is a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication our team has provided to our clients over the last 2 years.

Transforming our brand

Redefining brand DNA is key to what we do, so you could say we had a head start there! After some initial brainstorming to identify key elements we leveraged the expertise of our existing designers to help push our creative boundaries.

From there it was refine, refine, refine, with project leader Steve and designer Dani tweaking and re-tweaking, until after five iterations we felt we’d landed where we needed to be. With a final overhaul of all our web and promotional copy by Brad, we were good to go.

It’s been a long haul, but we feel it’s been well worth it – we hope you agree!

Our Evolution

Having come to life in 2016 as a solo operation, Ivory Media hired its first employee in 2021, and has now expanded to a multi-talented team of five.

With a laser focus on customer service, authentic interactions and creativity it’s no surprise that our clients return to us again and again.

We’re now in our third brand iteration, a reflection of the business we’re becoming in this very fast-moving industry: a creative powerhouse in the video production, design and storytelling space.

We’re ready. Are you?

Please explore our brand new website. You’ll find info on our latest (never seen before) projects, along with everything you need to start your journey with Ivory Media.

Check our socials (we’ll be posting heaps more stuff more often).

Ready to get the ball rolling? Go straight to our Contact page – we can’t wait to start making magic with you.