It’s no secret that we love online video marketing here at Ivory Media. Since we like to spread the love around, we’ve put together some facts for like-minded enthusiasts here.

7 Facts About Online Videos You Need to Know

We could easily write a book about what you need to know about online videos. But here are some interesting facts to set your own productions in perspective.

1. YouTube Is the Number Two Search Engine in the World

This is a monumental statistic when you take into account that Google dominates the search engine landscape. It rakes in a staggering 1.2 trillion searches annually, with a 65.2% share of web search volume worldwide in 2012.

YouTube has become a source of viable information for users who want immediate, succinct information in the form of do it yourself tutorials, workshops and online classes.

2. 75% of Users Visit a Company’s Website After Viewing Their Video

This goes to show the powerful influence of visual mediums and their proven success in obtaining brand awareness for organisations. Creative promotional videos have the potential to be inspiring, intriguing and motivational.

They also encourage viewers to want to find out more as well as associating a certain positive connotation with the company. That could include honesty, integrity, compassion, and more.

3. If Your Website Contains a Video, It Is 50 Times More Likely to Appear on the First Page of a Search Engine Results Page

People are always in a hurry for their information. They don’t want to be bogged down by reading solid bricks of writing and they want the facts presented to them in a quick, readily accessible format.

Videos provide that solution by disseminating the information on a website in an easily understandable manner and providing users with a summary of the facts.

If a company’s page encompasses such a video, then users are going to view that site as a more viable option to obtain the information they’re after.

4. 80% of Internet Users Remember the Video Ads They Watch Online

Visual images are proven to be retained longer by an audience than written information. Even if a viewer dismisses an ad when they originally see it, they are more likely to recall the company if they should need their services at a later date.

5. Make the First 60 Seconds Count

Almost half of viewers stop watching a video after the first minute and 60% stop by two minutes. It’s essential to plan out your video carefully and make every second of the intro count.

6. Three-Quarters of Executives Watch Work-Related Videos Once a Week

Professionals love watching informative videos on industry related topics as they are a great way to share insight between like-minded individuals.

7. Comedy Ranks as the Most Popular Form of Video With 39% of All Viewers

People love to laugh, and if you can achieve that, then you can foster strong brand loyalty and likability amongst your target audience.

Viewers are also more likely to remember something that stood out as being particularly funny and wish to share it with others.

Want More Facts About Online Videos?

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