82% of the entire internet traffic comes from video streams and downloads. This means if you publish a video to promote your business, you’re more likely to reach your target audience compared to other forms of content.

A higher reach means more conversions (and higher revenues).

Videos are also more engaging and fun to watch, which means they’re a great choice if you want to offer something exciting to your target audience.

So in this post, we’ve shared the most popular corporate video trends of 2024 and years to come. The styles that have recently gained popularity are insanely powerful and are likely to make their way through 2025, 2026, and beyond!

Why Is Keeping Up With Trends Crucial?

Keeping up with corporate video trends is crucial if you want to continue producing videos that users watch and engage with. A classic example of this has to do with video length. Back in 2020, long-form videos were on the rise. Be it IGTV videos, webinars, or YouTube videos, you could conveniently film 40 – 45 minutes and your audience would be willing to watch it.

But fast forward to 2024, and short-form videos are all the rage. If you give your ideal customer a choice between a 60-second video and a 5-minute one, they’re highly likely to go with the shorter one. This is because attention spans continue to reduce as consumers experience an increasing information overload.

Plus, today’s tech is designed to make content more snackable. Consider the launch of the Threads app, for example. It’s here to replace the 2200-character posts with only 500-character posts.

So, most people would naturally prefer any piece of content that gives more value in a shorter time. Of course, if you manage to create an extraordinarily high-value (and highly relevant) content piece for your target audience, they can stick around for longer too. For example, a recent study shows an average Australian spends 4.3 hours a week listening to podcasts.

But creating such a high-value piece of content — especially video content — is not easy at all. You’ll need witty ideas and professional help, something we at Ivory Media excel at.

13 Corporate Video Trends of 2024


1. AI and Machine Learning: The Future Is Automated

Several AI tools have emerged that can help us with:

  • Video script writing (e.g. Jasper)
  • Video production (e.g. Synthesia)
  • Video editing (e.g. Descript)
  • Improvement in video quality (e.g. Upscale)

These tools have significantly reduced the time and money it takes to create an impactful corporate video. You can now also leave it up to an AI tool to guide you with the camera angles, lighting, and positioning. It’s also possible to use AI tools to get suggestions about post-production edits, add subtitles to the video, and provide expected or observed analytics for a video.

This, in turn, has reduced the share of human error in video content. It’s also made video production more data-driven —- meaning biz owners can now estimate the scope of success of a video before investing in it or publishing it.

Check out how Berlitz has used AI to automate video production for their business here!

2. Remote Collaboration: Producing Great Videos From Anywhere

Many are advocating for remote or hybrid work since the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows for a better work-life balance. This explains why the average working Australian is spending 27% of their working hours at home — even in 2023. By 2025, it is expected that 40% of the workforce will be working from home.

How is this trend impacting video production? Well, coupled with a boom in the gig economy, we think it’s bringing a change for the better!

It’s allowing business owners to cut down costs by eliminating the need for travel and on-site crew. You don’t need to rent space or arrange props or professional videography equipment. Instead, you can hire a video producer on a freelancing platform and they’ll do it all for you for a reasonable price.

And as the world becomes more interconnected via online collaboration tools and freelancing platforms, business owners are gaining access to a wider pool of talent.

3. The Power of Short-Form: Less is More

As mentioned earlier, snackable content is now more popular than long-form content. This explains why YouTube felt the need to launch YouTube Shorts.

Research suggests about 59% of Gen Z prefer watching a short-form video before they watch a longer version of the same.

TikTok has even documented the success achieved by several businesses via their short-form focused platform. One video that you should definitely watch is Wyze’s 18-second commercial — where they subtly create curiosity around their product without boring the viewer.

4. Sustainability Stories: More Than Just a Buzzword

As the world struggles with climate change, unpredictable weather patterns, and the heartbreaking loss of animal species, more people are stepping up to advocate for the environment.

This has sparked a significant change in how people shop. The modern consumer wants to support businesses that share their concern for the environment. In fact, a whopping 88% of customers are more likely to stick with companies that are actively engaged in social and environmental causes.

Given this, if your company has strong views on sustainability —- now is the time to showcase it in your videos. Let your viewers know you genuinely care about sustainable business practices. It will not only serve as a great video idea but also help you target eco-friendly shoppers.

But, of course, to truly connect with your audience, it’s important to share your sustainability efforts through emotional storytelling. You want to try capturing the hearts and minds of your viewers the way Nike did here.

5. VR and AR: Stepping into the Future

The integration of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) into corporate videos is enhancing customer experience by allowing for the production of more immersive and engaging content.

VR can simulate an environment and allow viewers to immerse in it, while AR can enhance real-world settings by overlaying digital information on them.

This means you can arrange virtual property tours, immersive training sessions, and even showcase product details in a physical store. Viewers can get to explore products, services, or locations in a more interactive and informative way — all from the comfort of their homes.

For businesses, this means increased viewer engagement, a deeper customer understanding of your product, and a heightened emotional connection with the brand.

6. Interactivity: Not Just a Viewer, But a Participant

Interactivity is a game-changer in the world of video content. By incorporating interactive elements, videos can transform viewers from passive spectators into active participants. This engagement leads to increased retention and understanding of the content.

Some ideas you can implement include:

  • Quizzing the viewers
  • Simulating decision-making scenarios
  • Offering personalised product experiences

The good news is that various tools and platforms, such as Rapt Media and H5P, make it easier than ever to create interactive videos today.

7. Shoppable Videos

On the e-commerce side of video marketing, shoppable videos are a rising trend.

These videos feature integrated shopping options that enable viewers to make direct purchases while watching. For instance, in a fashion video, viewers can click on an outfit and purchase it instantly.

This innovative approach streamlines the consumer journey and reduces friction between product discovery and purchase. So, the incorporation of shoppable elements into videos can help enhance the shopping experience, boost conversion rates, and drive sales directly from video content. Make sure to talk to your video production company about this trend.

8. 4K, 8K, and Beyond: Quality That Captivates

High-definition quality is your passport to capturing and retaining viewers’ attention — particularly when it comes to corporate videos.

The vividness and clarity of 4K and 8K videos create a mesmerising and professional visual experience. But to ensure such a high level of clarity, you’ll need to meet high technical standards, ranging from expensive camera lenses to robust editing software. You can work around this by working with a professional video production agency.

9. Accessibility: Making Videos for Everyone

Video accessibility covers several aspects. We’re talking about making videos accessible for those who cannot read or listen as well as those who can but watch videos with the sound off — which by the way are 92% of your viewers.

If your video is not effectively bridging the inaccessibility gap for them, it won’t achieve its full potential and you won’t be able to connect with a majority of your audience.

So to eliminate this loss, here’s what you can do:

  • Incorporate subtitles
  • Incorporate sign language
  • Enable screen reader compatibility
  • Comply with legal accessibility obligations

You can also translate your original video into other languages and make it viewable in several countries. This is highly recommended if your target audience lives in multiple countries.

10. The 5G Effect: Streaming in the Fast Lane

5G has lightning-fast speeds and minimal lag. It enables seamless streaming in high definition and allows viewers to indulge in buffer-free, high-quality videos on the go.

Naturally, this has revolutionised the video-watching experience and made it more mobile and immersive than ever before.

For businesses, 5G is a game-changer for corporate video strategies. The speed and reliability of 5G networks have opened new possibilities for live streams, virtual events, and interactive content that’s higher quality than ever before.

11. Voice Search: Just Say What You’re Looking For

A large portion of the population is using the voice-search function to find what they need. For businesses, this means it’s essential to optimise for voice search and work on video SEO.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Focus on conversational keywords and long-tail phrases, as voice searches tend to be more natural and question-based.
  • Tailoring your video descriptions and metadata to accommodate queries is essential for visibility.
  • Ensure that your videos are mobile-responsive, load swiftly, and look great on small screens.
  • Provide accurate transcripts for your videos to enhance accessibility and cater to voice search algorithms.


12. Mobile-Optimised Viewing

A study by Snapchat reveals vertical videos have nine times more completed views as compared to horizontal videos. It’s because most people use their phones upright.

Given this, it’s a good idea for businesses to prioritise vertical-form videos. So, talk to your video production team about how you can cater to both horizontal and vertical viewers before producing your next corporate video.

13. Employee-Generated Content

Another great trend in corporate videos is the growing popularity of employee-generated content.

This type of content exudes authenticity and nurtures the trust of your audience. This is especially true in hiring scenarios — prospective hires gain valuable insights into the company culture and you attract top talent.

Plus, it is a budget-friendly trend as these videos are usually shot by the employees themselves and require minimal editing. This means they’re a cost-effective way to supplement your next corporate video with more value-packed content.

Corporate Video Trends of 2024 Summarised

The corporate video industry is evolving at a remarkable pace. It’s crucial for businesses to stay in touch with the latest trends and adopt them as soon as possible.

To wrap up this post and help you retain vital information, let us recap the most important corporate video trends of 2024 and beyond:

  • Automation is streamlining video production. It saves time and costs while reducing human error.
  • Working from home is the new norm. It is revolutionising video production with cost savings, access to a wider talent pool, and increased efficiency.
  • Short, attention-grabbing videos are now more preferred, and they can be a game-changer for engagement.
  • Sharing your company’s commitment to sustainability through emotional storytelling can build a better following and help you acquire more leads.
  • Immersive content with VR and AR is enhancing customer experiences and engagement.
  • Interactive videos transform passive viewers into active participants, increasing retention and understanding.
  • Incorporating shoppable elements into your videos streamlines the shopping experience, boosting conversion rates.
  • High-definition quality captivates viewers but it requires high technical standards and a significant investment in equipment.
  • Making videos accessible for all, including those with disabilities, is crucial for maximising reach.
  • 5G technology has opened up new possibilities for live streams, virtual events, and interactive content, enabling real-time audience engagement.
  • Optimising for voice search and video SEO is essential in a world where voice searches are prevalent.
  • Prioritise mobile-optimised, vertical videos to cater to mobile-first audiences.
  • Employee-generated content is authentic and budget-friendly. It builds trust with potential hires and customers and is a great way to supplement a longer, more professional corporate video.

If you’re ready to adopt these trends and step up your corporate video strategy, reach out to Ivory Media for professional assistance. Our team has a combined corporate video production experience of 40 years and is well-equipped to help you leverage the power of these trends. Get a free quote today!

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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